Hi! I'm Palapon Soontornpas

My name is Pond, but I supposed to use pseudonym as PondJaᵀᴴ.

I'm a Moderate Programmer that can programming in C, C++, Java, Python and I also a Web Developer, in HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript. 🖥


Email: [email protected]

What i do

My Project

Joylada's Story

The story that told what made me today.


Minecraft's Java Plugins

The plugin that wrote for Minecraft server.


SMD's WebDev Project

The next generation of 'smd.kku.ac.th'



Checkout a few of my works

Web Development

SMD's WebDev

This 'WebDev' project is base on HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Computer languages (with Bootstrap) to create our dream website for our school, The demonstration school of Khon Kaen University (Mo Din Daeng) This is our first website project, if there's something which is not prefectly. Feel free to create a pull request to us.

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Minecraft Project


The powerful plugin as tools for User and Admin. This project has started as the Computer Project on Computer Subject M.3 which is the ignition of my studying on Java Programming Language and Program Developement.

Code the Code!


[Joylada] ช่อดอกกาลพฤกษ์

The College-Life based-story that tell what made I today and currently what I am. It's the successor of มัธยม. that I was wrote and end it up its story after my graduation.

Joy this story!


[Joylada] มัธยม.

The High-School based-story that tell what made I today. It has a lot of tastes in a long-growth pathway of my life: Happy, Sadness, Fail, Success and more.

Read this story!


I'm a Web Developer: Fullstack Developer based on PHP & JavaScript.

Initially, I started to learn HTML from a Computer Lesson on Grade 9 that inspired me to learn more about Web Development. After that, I joined competitions during my senior high school period that encourage me to learn more and have a project that more official and serious than a baby website. And I still want to up my skill more!


Srinagarind: Pharmacy Department - WebDev

More info in the Future!


MVSK Event Reservation - WebDev

This project is a corporate to my friend at Maha Vajiravudh Songkhla School to create a event reservation system to make theirs student more easy to reserve school's event. It uses the same library with SMDWebDev but all are in the restructed form that more reliable and security improvement. Visit it!
Note: SMDWebDev also updated to use the same mechanic with this project.


SMD WebDev - WebDev

This project is the most important project that I currently working on. This project mainly to update outdated-unfashionable-leaked currently smd.kku.ac.th website that still using Joomla 2.5.2 and Apache 2.4.7...... errr what!?. So this brand new redesign-rebuild-recreation web is base on PHP with JavaScript and decorating with Bootstrap 4.5.0 and MDBootstrap.


Basketball Shoot Clock - Java

This is the 3rd Java Development Project in the propose to use on the SMD Basketball League 2018 competition that's started from any freeware on the internet that have limited functions and some are require license. Then, I created and designed all of it by myself. Shoot it!


School Time Clock System - Java

This is the 2nd Java Development Project that I created to unlock limitation of the old school's time buzzer which is difficult to use and maintenance. This was written on Java with WindowBuilder and JavaX library. Look at it!


Computer Project: Minecraft Plugin - Java

I started learning on Java from creating a Minecraft Plugin that I want to do before but don't have enough resource and experience. This was a inspiration to me on Development Skill. It might look just a simple code but it required many knowledge and management skill to develop. See it!


Initial HTML Website - WebDev

I started by using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 from a Computer class. It was just a simple but this was a initial and historic to me on a first-try developing and coding something. Browse it!



Bachelor of Engineering Program in Computer Engineering - Khon Kaen University

Khon Kaen, Thailand

2020 - Present

The Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University - School

Khon Kaen, Thailand

2008 - 2020

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